3 Count Punching Drill


Proper Chamber

  • Our chambers are high and tight with a tight fist against the ribs, elbows back.
  • The elbow cover with the fist on a shoulder creates a triangle shape that's very strong and sturdy and up to your nose level.
  • You should be able to see over your elbow.

Mechanics of Punching

  • Punching is ultimately taking your fist and hitting something very hard with it.
  • The two front knuckles - the index finger and the middle finger - are where you are striking.
  • You've got to keep your wrist flat.
  • At the moment of impact, you need to squeeze your hand and lock your wrist.
  • Lifting your elbow is not okay especially in linear punches.
  • Keep your thumb out of your hand and under your knuckles.
  • We use the push-pull method - push the punch out, pull the other hand back. 
  • Punch through the target and come back.


Focus on the video that best suits your Mobility - Fully Mobile, Assisted or Seated

Three Count Punching Drill

  • You don't want any pulling down to punch - or scooping. You don't want any pulling away to punch. 
  • You don't want any lifting outside to punch. 
  • The arm comes out and the wrist rotates into the punch. 
  • The shoulder extends. 
  • The chin stays down.
  • We do not turn the thumb down, get your thumbs out of your fist and wrap them. 
  • Our short punch, the thumb is typically on top sometimes and then we wrap it here for the rest of our punches. 
  • Remember the push-pull motion. 


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