3 Count Blocking Drill


X Block

  • The X block is more of a transition between movement. 
  • The X is in front of your face, you're looking through the top and you've crossed one forearm over the other and you've got tight fists
  • Feet are separated a little bit more than shoulder distance apart
  • Toes are pointed straight ahead, knees are bent, back is straight and you are going to start shifting and turning
  • There are two Xs. 
  • There is the right X where the right arm is on the outside (for right arm blocks) and then the left X where the left arm is on the outside (for left arm blocks)
  • You can break a grip using X transitions


Focus on the video that best suits your Mobility - Fully Mobile, Assisted or Seated

Three Count Blocking Drill

  • Spread your feet slightly wider than shoulder distance apart, and keep your toes straight ahead, knees bent, back straight, and with an X block.
  • Blocks are strikes
  • When in X block your weight should be centered, while blocking it should be approximately 60/40 or 30/70
  • Return to your X between blocks
  • Overhead block: turn and lean to drive your forearm up knocking the target away which is the opponent's punch. 
  • Outside block: Turn and lean and drive your arm outside with the elbow down with the shoulder turned towards the opponent
  • Low block: You're going to turn and lean. A strike is coming in at the belly or groin. Drive down leading with the elbow and block out
  • Work on technique first, then power, then speed.


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