Welcome to White Belt!

Welcome to the first step of the long journey!

As you join the 1 World family, we feel it's really important to let you know exactly what's expected up front. We also want to set proper expectations and "keep it real" with open, honest communication.

In our Bando / Thaing program, we obviously break lessons down by belt rank, but we also have three distinct areas of study in our system. Those areas are:

  1. High Art - Form, Philosophy, and Theory
  2. Middle Art - Drills and Sport Applications
  3. Low Art - Self Defense and Fitness

As a White Belt

You need to realize you now are wearing the MOST IMPORTANT BELT in Martial Arts. Far more important than black, the white belt is where it all starts...and there is no finish without a starting point!

As such, the white belt is taught a little differently than all following belts. There is a lot of theory, philosophy, and core concept training that must be done before we get into the forms - what we call "Aka" in our system - and it has to be done from day one. So you will have a lot of video content concerned with proper technique of the basics and it can seem overwhelming.

It's OK!

Take each video one at a time and learn the lesson. In reality, the practice will consist of a few drills and require only a 5-30 minute commitment to training when you find the time for your lessons. Obviously, the longer and more often you train, the faster you will reach a proficiency with your skill set.

That brings us to the big question: How often and how long do I have to train?

This program is designed for the student to train 1-2 hours a week on their own, and to attend the 45 minute live stream class each week. This is not required, but this is the expected time required to reach proficiency for belt promotion to Yellow Belt in three months.

When you've learned and practiced all the lessons, you will have access to a TEST GUIDE lesson that will tell you exactly what you need to do for testing for promotion. When you think you are ready - GO FOR IT! But here's the important thing - you WILL NOT PASS your test if you haven't developed the skills required! We will communicate with the student, the students "Coach" (parent or training partner) and test every student with individual expectations set to the highest standard possible.

We do not give belts out to anyone who hasn't earned it.

So Welcome to the Family and we look forward to seeing you at the live-stream classes online on the FaceBook group! Enjoy the videos, ask questions, train hard, and remember our goal as martial artists is simply to be better today than we were yesterday.

Daniel Carroll

Founder and Instructor, One World Martial Arts Academy

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/1WorldMA/

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