Develop your own Training Space

Follow our instructions to create your ideal training environment! Train with partners using proper equipment and get your Black Belt together with our Weekly Live-streamed Online classes. Meet members of our community and work to be a little bit better everyday!

In order to become an official Back Yard, you will have to commit to safety, respect, and teamwork. It doesn't matter that the Back Yard is unofficial - it matters that we are all one family.

Fill out the form below to be listed in our Directory. After we receive the form, we will send you an equipment list and a waiver.

You must buy the proper equipment to provide a safe and complete training experience for practitioners as well. All equipment can be bought by you, anywhere you wish, but you must be able to provide proof of purchase if you don't buy it from us.

We have created three separate equipment packages you can purchase, if you so choose. Regardless of the package, you are required to have ALL safety equipment in place for training to be considered a Back Yard.

Simply go to our SHOP and look for the Back Yard Packages.

The waiver is for everyone's protection. Understand that you are an unofficial training area and not part of our school, nor are you covered under our school for liability.

***Especially during this time of Covid-19 Concern, we ask that you train responsibly with all deference to the rules of your locale. While it is incredibly important to train with others, it is even more important to stay safe and healthy.