The Premiere Inclusive Program in the World

Inclusive is an often misunderstood concept. It simply means that our program is unique in that we can deliver superlative instruction to EVERYONE. YOU included. That’s all.

Martial Arts is an incredible platform for Mental, Physical, and Emotional well being. Individuals of all abilities can - and WILL - receive tremendous benefits from the practice.

Finally, there is a program tailored for everyone, that everyone can practice TOGETHER! This program has been in development since 2003 with the input of Special Education instructors, Physical, Occupational, Behavioral, and Speech Therapists, and masters of the Martial Art of Thaing and Bando.

It is modern, science based instruction of real, quality Martial Arts.

All Programs include Access to Weekly Live-Streamed classes with the Head Instructors!

This isn't just a video program that leaves you all on your own! Far from it!

When you join our program, you will be sent links to our Facebook page and our Private Facebook group, where you will become part of our world wide family of ITBA Bando practitioners! Communicate with students from around the world, share knowledge, get your questions answered, and take your journey together!

The Facebook page is an open forum to meet fellow practitioners and share knowledge. Fun posts, related posts, and community of supporting friends and students is what it's all about!

On the private group, we restrict access to only those actively training in our program and their families. Every Week, there is a series of live-streamed classes broadcast live on the Facebook group. Taught by Founder Sayagyi Daniel Carroll and Black belt instructors at his Austin, Texas school, these classes are your opportunity to train, ask questions, and have them answered in real time.