Traditional Martial Arts

As the American Center for the International Thaing Bando Association (ITBA), Members train in an Academy style of Myanmar Thaing and American Bando including, drills, forms, weapons, and Kickboxing if medically viable. In the online program, you will receive instruction it the skill sets of all of these.


BANDO means empty hand training. Drills and forms are taught from American Bando and Myanmar Thaing. This includes techniques from the 9 animal systems of Hanthawaddy Bando.


Lethwei, or "Burmese Boxing" is the most brutal and effective sport fighting in the World. Training the techniques and strategies of Lethwei in our skill set development imparts an astonishingly realistic and efficient sport and self-defense component to our program.


Banshay is the Weapon hand training. This program focuses on the practical short stick as our primary weapon of training. However, future programs will include opportunities to train in long staff, cane, baton, and pocket stick. We will also teach bladed weapons including the knife, Dha sword and Kukri to advanced adult belts.

MYANMAR (Formerly Burma)

Sayagyi Daniel Carroll and Saya Dylan Warren travel to Myanmar to train with the Myanmar Thaing Federation and the International Thaing Bando Association

Myanmar Bando and Thiang Martial Arts

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