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1WorldMA Circle Community
Our Community

Important announcements about events, offerings, etc, will be placed on our Exclusive Community. If you have a Martial arts specific announcement to share, this is where it goes!

Shop for Gear!
Shop for Gear

Shop Here for your Gi and any training equipment you need to create the best space in which to train! While we do not require you to buy from Us, this is a convenient link for all your equipment needs!

Belt Evals
Belt Evaluations

Congratulations on making it to this milestone in your Martial Arts journey! Click Here to Submit your Belt Evaluation video to our Certified Instructors for review!

Adapted Programs
Adapted Programs

No other program in the world offers classes like these. Classes are specially designed for students who find themselves with physical needs that are most often addressed through occupational or physical therapy. The program is designed to be adaptable to the students specific needs and current limitations

Inclusive Programs
Inclusive Programs

Inclusive is an often misunderstood concept. It simply means that our program is unique in that we can deliver superlative instruction to EVERYONE. YOU included. That’s all. Martial Arts is an incredible platform for Mental, Physical, and Emotional well being. Individuals of all abilities can - and WILL - receive tremendous benefits from the practice.

Origins in Myanmar

As the American Center for the International Thaing Bando Association (ITBA), Members train in an Academy style of Myanmar Thaing and American Bando including, drills, forms, weapons, and Kickboxing if medically viable. In the online program, you will receive instruction it the skill sets of all of these.

How to Enroll In One World Martial Arts Academy

The short video below will walk you through the enrollment process!